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This collection is an account of a critically important and still misunderstood period in our history. It embodies the work of a unique group of men and represents the spirit of countless others. This is a story whose time has come and the importance of this collection is all too apparent.
"Waiting for Henry Kissinger" by Charlie Shobe


"My paintings are of the horror show that was Vietnam: butchery carried out for politicians, bureaucrats, and ambitious generals whose egos would not let them say "enough"; art for an indifferent public; art to honor those who lived and died there, and earned only a few hundred dollars a month. It would take a lifetime to paint it all."

                        Charlie Shobe


"The figure I draw is the depersonalized soldier, the soldier within, who has suppressed the emotion of the community of war. To me it is impossible to see war as anything but an old habit of thinking, an old frame of mind and an old male political maneuver.

The physical act of war contains many ingredients: the personality of heroism, horror, a strange glamour, destruction, and desolation. I have internalized the experience of the physical act of war and transformed it into the metaphorical gestures of the human form. The living becomes a brutalized icon."

                         Richard Russell Yohnka

"The Survivor" by Richard Russell Yohnka
Here are a few more samples of the many pieces of artwork that Frank uses when lecturing at school campuses (visit the curriculum links for a description of Frank's lecturing programs).

Simply click on the thumbnail photo below for a larger view of these powerful works of art.

"Ritual Suicide Mask" by Randolph Harmes
"Children Reaching and Playing: Canned Food in the Fence" by Farris Parker
"I'm Hit" by Richard Yohnka
"Dressed To Kill" by Joe Fornelli
"Class of '67" by Charlie Shobe
"Mother and Child" by Joe Fornelli


"Honorable Discharge" by Scott Neistadt

"POW" by John McManus
"Abandoned" by John McManus
"Exiles On Main Street" by Elgin Carver
"Fascinating Vietnam" by William Hoin
"VC Suspect" by Ned Broderick
"Westy and Friend" by Michael Kelley
"The Wound" by Ned Broderick
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