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"These little pins are the markets. These little pins are the guns. These little pins have the power. And these little pins have none. And these little pins are the people who cry we wee weee all the way home."

                       Scott Neistadt

The Vietnam War was so controversial it split our nation in two, second only to the great Civil War. Now a generation of unique men breaks the "phenomenon of silence" and demonstrates how an entire culture collectively suppressed a traumatic event and ultimately cured itself through it's own devices.

Discover the historical and therapeutic value of Curriculum 1 Vietnam "The Art of War" - as it validates a traumatic era.

"War Games" by Scott Neistadt

Title: Vietnam "The Art of War"
Length of Program: Full day
Format: Assembly lecture followed by workshops.
Grades 8-12 History/Humanities
Bookings: Please Contact Frank


This collection is an account of a critically important and still misunderstood period in our history. Obviously, no group feels this effect more than the men who went, who served, and who returned.

This Art collection embodies the work of these unique men and represents the spirit and perspective of so many more. Through their art we are treated to a rare and powerful account of that historic period. The Art of Vietnam is a story whose time has come. This is the only presentation of its kind.

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